What is a Denturist

The literal meaning of the word Denturist is “one who makes dentures”. A Denturist’s practice is devoted to the fabrication and repair of dentures. Denturists are primary oral health care providers who are trained in the technical art of fabricating and repairing all types of dentures. They are also trained in the diagnosis and treatment of patients who need dentures. Well-crafted dentures can restore your smile and allow you to have improved function and quality without compromising comfort.

The Denturist may offer a complimentary initial consultation and usually accepts payment from private and government health care plans. Your Denturist will consult with you and help you determine what kind of dentures are best suited to your needs. Denture technology is now quite advanced enabling your Denturist to choose from a wide array of treatment options to serve you.

Why a Denturist

Denturists have been serving the public in Saskatchewan since 1977, when legislation was enacted to govern and license Denturist Services. Denturists are licensed to fabricate, repair and adjust complete dentures, partial dentures and removable implant retained dentures. A complete denture is one which replaces all of the patient’s natural teeth. A partial denture is one which replaces one or more teeth but not all of them. A removable implant retained denture is a denture which is supported by an abutment on an implant (made of titanium) which is integrated into the bony tissue.

You can go directly to a Denturist for treatment without a referral from another health care practitioner. Unlike other health care practitioners who provide dentures, most Denturists’ laboratory work is done on the premises and by the Denturist who sees the patient chairside. Denturists are uniquely qualified to provide quality, custom dentures. Denturists are skilled in the clinical and laboratory aspects of making dentures – they perform both jobs and have first-hand experience working with the patients.

Denturists are dedicated to helping their patients find the right solutions for their denture care needs.

Benefits of a Denturist

Replacing your natural teeth is more than trusting someone with your smile. Your appearance and your entire image are at stake.

  • Your Denturist is an expert in the design, construction, fitting and adjustment of complete and removable partial dentures, as well as overdentures on implants.
  • The literal meaning of the word Denturist is “one who makes dentures”.
  • Denturists study the clinical and technical aspects of removable dentures and general health.
  • Anyone can consult a Denturist without a referral from another health care professional.
  • Denturists’ laboratory work is performed on the premises by the Denturist who sees you. This ensures quality of care is consistent and personal.
  • Your Denturist’s expertise and professionalism make him or her the best possible choice to help you derive the maximum benefit from the most advanced denture technology.
  • Most Denturists’ fees are covered by dental plans, Veterans Affairs, Supplementary Health, NIHB and other private insurance companies. If you have a dental plan, ask your Denturist to assist you in determining what specific services are covered.
  • If you do not have a regular dentist or need a referral to an oral surgeon, your Denturist will ensure to refer you to the appropriate practitioner.
  • Some Denturists will make special arrangements for home or hospital visits.

If your dentures are poor fitting, more than five years old or causing you discomfort, make an appointment to talk with your Denturist. You can improve your appearance, self-confidence, comfort and possibly your health with quality replacement dentures.

Denturist Education and Length of Study

The Denturist Society of Saskatchewan is the licensing and regulatory body for Denturists in the province of Saskatchewan. Our mission statement is, “… to regulate and govern the profession of Denturism in the public interest.” The Denturist Society of Saskatchewan operates under the authority of the Dental Disciplines Act and their Regulatory and Administrative By-Laws. It is not an educational institution; it ensures that all Saskatchewan residents receive safe, effective and ethical care. Only individuals who are registered with the Denturist Society of Saskatchewan can practice Denturism and use the title Denturist. It is illegal to use this title in Saskatchewan if you do not hold a current Certificate of Registration with the Denturist Society of Saskatchewan. The provision of Denturist services in Saskatchewan is a controlled act. Upon registration with the Denturist Society of Saskatchewan you will be provided with all legislation governing denturists in Saskatchewan. To learn more, click here.