See You at the Festive Final Stretch

October is the time of year when the calendar really starts to fill up. The last quarter, it seems, is the season for greeting and eating. Perhaps it’s no coincidence Denturist Awareness month lands when it does. Greeting and eating are our raison d’être!

As the purveyors of both smiling faces and unmitigated enjoyment of delicious food choices, the Denturist Society of Saskatchewan would like you to take full advantage of who we are and what we do so well.

Find a denturist near you and circle a date during Denturist Awareness month. We’re here to set you up for the festive final stretch.

Doctor with patient

Denturists are oral healthcare professionals who provide a wide range of denture care services directly to the public. Licensed denturists are qualified to fabricate, repair and adjust partial and complete dentures and dentures over implants. READ MORE