What is the DSS?

The Denturist Society of Saskatchewan is the regulatory body for all Denturists in Saskatchewan. We are comprised of a group of caring professionals who have come together to promote and advance Denturism through public education and member training. We provide tools to assist Denturists in their practices, as well as provide a unified voice to dental insurance companies and government. For over forty years, through the efforts of its members, we have expanded the scope of practice provided to the public with a greater choice of denture services provided.


We encourage our members to provide — and the public to choose — high-quality denture care

Message from the President

Kally Braaten, President of the Denturist Society of Saskatchewan

The Denturist Society of Saskatchewan is grateful for the support and trust given to our profession by the public. Denturists in this province have been licensed and serving the public with dedication and distinction since 1977. We have and will continue to work conscientiously to provide ethical, quality care and to elevate our professional standards. The expertise of Denturists and quality of care has grown and evolved with advances in technology, dental materials and new forms of treatment, such as dentures secured by dental implants. Denturism offers a wide variety of treatment options to satisfy the needs of the public. I encourage you to explore our website and learn how Denturists can be of service to you, your family and your friends.


Thank you for visiting our website and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or we can provide assistance.


Kally Braaten, DD


The Denturist Society of Saskatchewan (DSS) upholds and undertakes the mandate to govern denturists in the public interest in accordance with the Dental Disciplines Act and the DSS Regulatory and Administrative By-Laws. This commitment is expressed through our mission statement, vision statement and objectives.

To regulate and govern the profession of denturism through leadership, innovation and inter-professional relationships, the DSS discharges our duties ethically, respectfully and with full accountability and transparency. The DSS supports the professions advancement through education, member support and public awareness.

The DSS ensures that the public receives ethical, professional and safe denturist services, through leadership, innovation and inter-professional relationships. The DSS strives for denturists to be recognized as the primary providers of removable dental prosthesis to both the public and health/dental care professions.

Under the Dental Disciplines Act, the duty of each regulatory authority is to serve and protect the public interest by following the objects of the legislation. The objects of the DSS include but are not limited to the following:

  • To regulate the practice of denturism and to govern the members in accordance with the Dental Disciplines Act and the DSS Regulatory and Administrative By-Laws.
  • To develop, establish and maintain standards of qualification for persons to be issued certificates of registration.
  • To develop, establish and maintain programs and standards of practice to assure the quality of the practice of the profession.
  • To develop, establish and maintain standards of knowledge and skill and programs to promote continuing evaluation, competence and improvement among the members.
  • To develop, in collaboration and consultation with other regulatory bodies and associations, standards of knowledge, skill and judgment relating to the performance of controlled acts common among health professions to enhance interprofessional collaboration.
  • To develop, establish and maintain standards of professional ethics for the members.
  • To develop, establish and maintain programs to assist individuals to exercise their rights under the Dental Disciplines Act.
  • To administer the Dental Disciplines Act and the DSS Regulatory and Administrative By-Laws as it relates to the profession and to perform the other duties and exercise the other powers that are imposed or conferred.
  • To promote and enhance relations between the DSS and its members, other health profession colleges, key stakeholders, and the public.
  • To promote inter-professional collaboration with regulatory authorities and associations.
  • To develop, establish, and maintain standards and programs to promote the ability of members to respond to changes in practice environments, advances in technology and other emerging issues.

Council and Committees


President – Kally Braaten, DD
Vice-President/Treasurer – Lindsay Mathews, DD
Secretary/QAC Chair – Craig Martin, DD
Conduct – Boyd Doucette, DD
Registrar – Ashley Stevens, DD
Public Member – Gene Motruk
Public Member – Susan Sutherland


Quality Assurance
Convention Planning
Fee Guide
Public Awareness

Facts & Figures

Denturism has been a regulated Dental Health Profession in Saskatchewan since 1977.

There are currently 67 Licensed Denturists in Saskatchewan.

The profession of Denturism is regulated in all Provinces and Territories:

Alberta – 1961
British Columbia – 1962
Manitoba – 1970
Ontario – 1972
Nova Scotia – 1973
Québec – 1973

New Brunswick – 1976
Saskatchewan – 1977
Newfoundland – 1984
Territories – 1984
Prince Edward Island – 2003

Partnerships & Resources

The Denturist Society of Saskatchewan is an active member of the following organizations:

The Denturist Association of Canada
International Federation of Denturists
Saskatchewan Oral Health Coalition Inc.