The Denturist Society of Saskatchewan

Welcome to the Denturist Society of Saskatchewan’s website. Denturists are oral health care professionals who provide a wide range of denture care services directly to the public. Licensed Denturists are qualified to fabricate, repair and adjust partial and complete dentures and dentures over implants. In addition to providing denture services and oral examinations for patients in there clinics, denturists fabricate and repair dentures in their own onsite laboratories. Visit our  Services  section to learn more about the services that Denturists provide.

To find a Denturist near you visit our  Find A Denturist  section.

Our Society

In Saskatchewan, Denturists are authorized to regulate their own profession by Saskatchewan Health and the Network of Interprofessional Regulatory Organizations (NIRO). Our society is the regulatory body that ensures that Denturists are properly qualified to serve the public in Saskatchewan. We are also responsible for investigating reports of misconduct or incompetence in our profession. If you have a concern about the services you’ve received from a Denturist in Saskatchewan please contact our  Conduct Chair, Darryl Kuny at: Tel. 1.855.633.6875  Ext. 2, Email:

Anyone interested in becoming a licensed Denturist in Saskatchewan should direct their inquiries to our  Registrar. You’ll find all of our Society’s contact information on our  Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you regarding Denturists and the services they provide in Saskatchewan. Thank-you for visiting our website!